Best Buddies Prom at
Seaford High School

April 10, 2014

   Seaford High School’s gymnasium was decked out in silver and gold Saturday night, March 1 for the Best Buddies Prom.  It was Seaford’s first time hosting this annual event in which twelve chapters of Long Island Best Buddies attended.  That’s over 200 students, all of whom were dressed in their most formal attire, ready to contribute to the positive energy that is Best Buddies.
    Seaford Best Buddies encourages students to “be there and be a buddy” Wednesdays after school when the club’s meetings are usually held.  They participate in crafty activities, have holiday parties, and hold frequent outings such as going to the movies, dinner or bowling.  Most importantly, they function as a support system for CDP students in the high school.  The Best Buddies Prom was a special event because the group got to branch out and meet students in Best Buddies from neighboring towns.
     “There were a lot of people so there was a lot of energy,” said Seaford Best Buddies treasurer Nicole Cupo.
     The theme of the night was “New Years Eve Around the World”.  Each chapter that attended made its own posters to represent its assigned country and hung them in the gym.  Seaford’s country was the United States, for which they incorporated the theme of Hollywood.  It was a fun-filled night of food, music, and dancing and although a new experience for Seaford High School, it turned out to be a success.
     “I danced and took pics with my friends, it was one really great prom!” said Best Buddies member Matthew Goldstein.
     There was a tremendous amount of dedication that went into preparing for the big night.  The students’ parents played an instrumental part in making the night possible.“There was initial planning with the officers, and then most of the planning took place with the parents, who couldn’t wait to be involved,” said Best Buddies advisor, Mrs. Tooher.  SEPTA was a main contributor in funding the event. Fundraising took place during the holidays selling wreaths, and pizza and french fries were donated by local restaurants. 
      The students were equally excited to be holding Best Buddies Prom this year and helped out wherever they could, such as making clapboard centerpieces for each table and a huge black New Years Eve clock.  Former student Niko Barber returned to be the party’s own DJ for the night.
       Overall, there was a great amount of positive feedback from visiting schools.  Many Seaford teachers and administration made an appearance at the event as well, including Vice Principals Ms. Burzynski and Mr. Allison, who came Saturday morning to help set up the gymnasium.
      This event gave students the opportunity to enjoy a fun night with friends and to socialize with new people, an important aspect of Best Buddies.  “It was another activity for mainstream and socializing.  This is their prom.  It’s a really nice thing,” said Mrs. Tooher.
       Best Buddies has another enjoyable upcoming event, the Friendship Walk, on Saturday, May 10 at Hauppauge High School.


photos by: Andrea Russell