Anime/Comic Conventions

June 11, 2014

  Over the years, there’s been a rapid growth in popularity of the sci-fi and “geek” culture. The reputation and knowledge of this culture is expanding and becoming more than just a fragment of what happens around the world. In the U.S. alone, there are over 50 anime conventions yearly. And the attendance keeps going up. Big conventions like New York Comic Con, or NYCC, have sold out earlier then ever before! The convention reached 130,000 attendee’s over four days.
What do you do at these conventions?
  Many people go to buy merchandise from their favorite TV shows, movies, comics and more. Others like to attend to sell or buy artwork in the “Artist Alley.” Many panels, game shows and other events occur during the weekend. (Most conventions last three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.)
  One of the most popular aspects of conventions are the costumes. It is rare to see someone not dressed up as one of his or her favorite characters. People attend contests, photo-shoots and strut their stuff all day long in “cosplay.” Cosplay stands for costume and roleplay – so it’s not just looking like the characters; it’s acting like them too.
  As the anime and comic subculture expands, more people attend and more people become interested in topics that were once considered unpopular and or uncool. It brings people with similar interests together and provides all sorts of nerdy fun!