Life After Seaford High School
See where the Class of 2014 are off to next year

June 11, 2014

It’s a bittersweet time of the year for the Class of 2014.  Our time as Seaford students is drawing to an end, but we will be off to greater things as we depart from Seaford High School.  With summer ahead and plans set in motion for the fall, Seaford’s seniors are facing their future head on.  After so much preparation for prom, graduation, summer, and most famously, college, it’s crazy that it’s all finally happening.  Some will stay in Seaford in the fall an others will be going away—either way, there is no doubt that Seaford seniors have impressive plans for the future.
It was a long process between college visits, meetings, SAT prep, filling out applications, and the ultimate college decision, especially with the pressure so early on in life of selecting a major that will determine a career.  Some are still undecided and that’s okay.  Many students, however, do have an idea of what field they will be entering which can be very exciting.
“What excites me is that I’m officially an adult and I can work towards my dream job so that I can live life to the fullest,” says Curtis Parkhurst, who will be attending Nassau Community College for Criminal Justice.
There is a wide variety of majors and interests among the senior class.  Valedictorian Danielle Calderaro will be attending Hofstra University for Education, and Salutatorian Deidre Muirhead will be attending Bentley University in Massachusetts for Accounting.  Many will be attending different schools for these majors also, as well as Nursing, Psychology, Special Education, Engineering, Fashion Marketing and so on.  Other majors students will be taking on include Neuroscience (Desire Fowlkes), Wildlife Conservation (Sam Fishman), Broadcasting (Mackenzie Wolfson), Culinary Arts (Lauren Connell), Illustration (Michael Hannan), Film/Television Production (Joey Ryan), Environmental Health (Greg Ferrando), and Art Therapy (Deanna DiGiulio and Alana Duggan).  And that’s just to name a few.
While most are set on going to college and beginning their careers with their desired majors, a few are set on different paths.  For Chris Kiernan, the future is in the United States Marine Corps. Sean McAleese is also planning to join the U.S. Marines after he completes schooling at Nassau and Maritime.  Phil Karbiner will be entering the U.S. Navy, and Jimmy Owens is in the process of enlisting in the Air Force.  Dylan Noonan and Sean Breheny are attending SUNY Maritime for Naval Architecture and Marine Operations, respectively. 
When asked what advice the seniors would give to juniors who will be applying for college next year, the overwhelming response was to start early.  There is so much that goes into the application process that wasting time is not an option.  It gets difficult at times to discover which schools to apply to and that best fit you, so you want to give yourself the time to do that.
“My advice would be to get started early and do your research on each school to find the perfect school for you,” says Cassie Pensa, who will be attending Iona College for Education.
The most stress possibly came for those who are still undecided in their major or field of interest.  Although it may make the process more challenging, the key is to find a school that has a lot to offer with an environment that will allow you to grow.
“There is nothing wrong with not knowing what you want to do yet,” says Ethan Haskes, who will be studying Liberal Arts at Nassau Community College.
“Don’t stress. Everything happens for a reason,” says Luciana Fucarino, who will be majoring in Biology at St. John’s University.
With graduation approaching quickly on June 29, there is a rush of excitement among the seniors for all our future endeavors.  All around, it seems like everyone is most excited for new experiences and independence, which can be equally scary as well.
“What excites and also scares me most is I will see what the world truly is and what it’s like to grow up and be an adult on my own,” says Brandon D’Allegro, who will be studying Biology at Hofstra University.
Before diving into the future, though, seniors are anticipating a fulfilling summer ahead.  Like most of us, Abby Wolfin plans to “spend time with family and friends before I leave and create memories to give me something to remember before college.”  Seniors will be cherishing their last summer before college with family and friends, working, and going to the beach and parties.  A few students also have some outstanding trips planned to some amazing places, such as Italy, Greece, China, Ireland, and more.
Katie Butler, President of the Class of 2014’s National Honor Society, will be completing a community service project for Habitat for Humanity.  “A few days after graduation, I’ll be travelling to Central America with Habitat for Humanity,” she says.  “There, I’ll be building sufficient housing for people in poverty, who currently reside in tin shacks.”  Jessica Clark will also be working on a service project this summer. “I am volunteering in Guatemala for two weeks to refurbish a school and work with underprivileged kids,” says Jessica.  Kelly Conklin will be working on a similar project in South Africa.
For Alexa Schwartz and Rachel Pedisich, this summer is a chance to get ahead in their careers.  Alexa, who is majoring in Music and Music Education at Aaron Copland School of Music (Queens College), will be attending Queens Summer Vocal Institute.  Rachel, who’ll be attending Pace University, plans to volunteer at Warped Tour as a reporter, which will help kick off her career as a tour or artist manager.
Each and every one of Seaford’s students of the Class of 2014 has the potential for greatness.  It has been a memorable four years here, to say the least.  As we journey into this new chapter of our lives, the memories made at Seaford High School will always remain.  Whether it’s Spirit week, club events, relationships with a favorite teacher, or bonding with a sports team, we all have personal experiences that allowed us to blossom at this school.
This class has grown so much over the years and has so much to be proud of.  This is only the beginning of a world of accomplishments for us all, and we should embrace this moment right before it all, really, truly, happens.  So, I guess there’s only one thing left to say:

Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of 2014.