Where Is The School Paper?
School Paper Attempts To Go Digital

Feb. 12, 2014

    This year, the Seaford High School Viking Voice had to make a rocky transition.  From class to club and print to web, the changes faced have been challenging.  Currently, the club meets weekly to discuss writing articles to be published on the Viking Voice website.
    We made the decision back in October to start a website for school news, given that modern newswriting has become more and more web based in the past few years.  Advisors Mr. McCormack and Mr. Tripoli faced challenges approving and purchasing the site, but their efforts recently paid off by obtaining the domain for the Viking Voice website, www.seafordvikingvoice.com.
    Meanwhile, students worked on their stories and waited patiently.  It has proven to be much more difficult to get material for a school paper written on time when it is not mandatory and there are no deadlines, as there were in past years.
   In the past, the Viking Voice always ran as a class.  Students in the Publications class, including myself, had the opportunity to work together every day interviewing, writing, and designing.  We learned news writing, feature writing, and opinion writing as well as layout design with the program InDesign and photo editing with Photoshop.  In a club, these lessons are lost and it is up to the students to get their work in all on their own. 
    With our new website in place, it is even more unfortunate that Seaford lost its Publications class.  The class would have been able to gain experience in web management and web design by interacting with the site and submitting their articles.  Since the class was every day for the entire year, the site would become more active, more quickly. 
    As a former Publications student and someone who is interested in journalism, I know firsthand the positive experience of Seaford’s Publications class.  I got to do something I love everyday and produce something I was proud of.  However, it wasn’t just me that got something out of the class.  Even students who were only in the class to fill their schedule or get a credit last year ended up really excelling and demonstrating leadership in the class.
    Any student with even a slight interest in writing or designing can connect with the process of producing a news website.  Many adolescent in Seaford don’t realize how fun and rewarding it can really be, and I think Seaford needs to place more importance on this.  By doing this, the club will grow and eventually could gain back a class that benefitted both the students and school as a whole.
    The Viking Voice club will continue to work hard to build our website.  Like any new production, there will be difficulties along the way that we need to work out.  All the same, we are all very excited to deliver school news coverage and other current stories by our student writers to the Seaford school district in this modern format.