Seaford's Drama Club Prepares To
Hit The Stage with 13: The Musical
The Inside Story on a Show That's
All About The Drama

March 4, 2014

    The Seaford High School Drama Club is taking on 13 The Musical for their production this year.  Director Kerry Prep is back for his second show at Seaford High School joined by co-director and choreographer Samantha Gates.  The show will be on Friday, March 7 at 7:30 and Saturday, March 8 at 1:30 and 7:30.
    13 The Musical is about twelve-year-old Evan Goldman who is “just about to turn thirteen.”  Not only is he trying to cope with his parents’ divorce, but now he is moving from New York City, “the greatest city in the world,” to Appleton, Indiana, “the lamest place in the world.”  Evan needs to make friends at his new school as soon as possible to invite to the one night he has to look forward to, his Bar Mitzvah.  Once he arrives to the Indiana scene though, there is plenty of gossip, backstabbing, and tween-drama to deal with and lessons to learn along the way.
    An initial concern of the cast about bringing this show to the stage at Seaford High School was that they are too old to perform as twelve-going-on-thirteen year olds.  However, as the rehearsal process fledged on, the characters’ roles sunk in with the young actors and actresses.  Another issue was the essence of the show’s music.  13 was only written for piano, guitar, bass, and drums, not for a traditional pit orchestra as Seaford had in the past.  As a result, members who had looked forward to playing wind instruments in the pit were not able to participate this year.
    13 originally premiered on Broadway in 2008 and closed the following year.   The cast consisted of thirteen people, Ariana Grande among the young talents. One of Seaford’s trickiest challenges during the rehearsal process has been taking a cast of three times the size and fitting them all into a play written for a much smaller cast.  Large ensemble numbers for Seaford’s 13 include “13/Becoming a Man,” “All Hail the Brain,” and “A Little More Homework.”
    Senior Michael Fox will be playing the lead role of Evan Goldman.  Other main roles are being played by freshman Christopher Ho, sophomores Elise Weber and Shannon Assenza, and seniors Caitlin Lawler and Brendan Mark.  The show is entertaining and sure to leave audiences laughing and crying all at once.  There is an equal share of sincere and touching moments such as “What It Means to Be a Friend” and “Tell Her” and laugh-out-loud numbers such as “ Hey Kendra” and “Bad Bad News.”
    But it is not only the cast and directors working hard to make the production a success.  The efforts of stage crew and their advisor Mr. Weber have provided the show with great sets and signs that will enhance the appearance of the show.  The members of stage crew will certainly be busy on performance nights with sets as unwieldy as full-size lunch tables and lockers on wheels.  The lighting crew has a critical job as well, sorting out light cues and handling them efficiently the night of the show.  Lastly, Mr. Tripoli’s graphic design class contributes to the production by creating the design that appears on the posters, Playbill, and cast t-shirts for the show.
    As it gets down to the wire, anyone involved with the show can tell you that tensions are rising.  However, the stress is only due to a devotion to putting on the best possible show for the Seaford community.  In the end, everything falls into place and the cast and crew are excited for opening night on March 7.