Seaford's Watching

March 2, 2015

SEAFORD- It seems that everywhere you look now there’s a security camera hidden among the ceilings of Seaford High school. In late September, these cameras were installed for reasons unknown to the student body. Many students in the school questioned as to why they were even there in the first place, considering the fact that there was no information given out about it. As the months passed more and more students became upset by these cameras. Questions started rising as to why there was still no explanation for it. “I understand the purpose of them, but as far as I know, they aren’t being used to their potential. I honestly can’t imagine our school up keeping and constantly monitoring the cameras. It would have been nice if they explained things to us because I want to know how they work and how they monitor them,” said Brooke LaMere, who is a hard working junior. When interviewing students the most talked about flaw of the cameras is the lack of understanding and the feeling of invasion. “I think that it’s a bit invasive of our privacy but they’re necessary if something ever happens in the hallway,” said Deanna Mariani. Other students feel indifferent about the cameras though. Since there was no explanation given students can’t decipher whether or not to with or against the cameras. Cassandra Tsikitas says, “I don’t really have an opinion about the cameras because I feel like they can do us good or hurt us in a way. I feel that some people would think it’s an invasion of privacy but at the same time they can really helpful when it comes to fights or even school shootings.” After interviewing many students there was only one person left to ask questions, which was Mr. Bersin. The first question I asked him was if he knew if any other schools had security cameras like we do. “Yes, in fact there are many other schools that have cameras too.” He continued, “The idea of installing the cameras actually came from other schools that installed them with great success.” I then asked him if he installed the cameras because of safety issues or if it was to monitor hall activity. “It was mainly for safety reasons. It keeps the school secure during weekdays and weekends. For example, on the weekends when there’s games here, it’s a lot less populated than usual, which means that it’s less safe. The cameras are here simply because it creates a safe environment. But, it also does help keep control of the hallways too.” I finally asked him if the cameras are ever going to affect the jobs of security around the school to which he replied, “No, they’ll never replace security. The cameras are designed to assist the security.” Still, many students do remain clueless about the cameras in Seaford high school to this day, hoping for an explanation.