What High School Juniors and Seniors should do to Prepare for College

Dec. 2, 2015

College is a big decision for many high school students. Not only picking a program you might be interested in pursuing, but also finding a college that has the major and figuring out what type of college fits you can be stressful.

Some students in high school, including my family and me, visit colleges to see how the student feels about the college. Is it too big? Is it too small? Am I going to get the most out of my education here?

There are many things students in high school should know or learn before they get to college, where they might be living on their own a few hours away from home. Some of these things that students should know are planning, money management, studying habits, cooking, getting to know the area of the school, and off-campus apartments and housing.

Some other important things high school students should do before they go to college are to either take either or both the ACT and SAT, get involved in clubs, volunteer for community service, and if the family can, go visit colleges. It is extremely important to actually visit a college because a student can actually feel if he or she likes it or not.

Students in high school should learn how to live and fend for themselves. When students get into college many students don’t know how to survive on their own. It doesn’t matter if students learn from their parents, other family members, teachers, older siblings, etc. just as long as they know how to do some basic things like money management and cooking.

Ms. Simons, a high school science teacher, has a very similar opinion as to what high school students should do. She believes the most important thing to do is to be organized. Other extremely important things high school students should do is to practice time management, take responsibility for themselves, and be mature adults. Another thing she finds important is to be a good academic student taking the harder classes, like Chemistry. Students should learn to be responsible for themselves.

Ms. Lazicky, a high school English teacher, believes that the new Common Core is addressing and stressing what is considered to be important in college. So by doing this when high school students get into college they have the skills needed to do what it takes to be in a college level class. She believes it is important to read more difficult texts to prepare for what students may have to read to also to take full advantage of the courses/electives and programs they have in high school so a student might find what they are interested in. If a student still has no idea what they want to do after high school, going to a community college for two years and taking as many electives as possible may help them to find an interest.
Even though trying to get into a college may be overwhelming right now it will get better. When a student finds the right college and the right program all of the stress of trying to find a college and program will all just be a memory.   


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