Sing It On: In It To Win It!

Dec. 2, 2015

You might think that the movie Pitch Perfect made up “ICCA’S”(International Competition of Collegiate Acapella) but they didn’t. Unlike Pitch Perfect, Sing It On (Pop) is real life acapella. Join All Night Yahtzee (Florida State University), No Comment (University of Illinois) and Nor’easters (Northeastern University in Boston) in their journey to victory to winning the ICCA’s.

The ICCA’s were founded in 1996 by former Tufts University Beelzebubs music director Deke Sharon and former Brown University Derbies member Adam Farb. The ICCA’s spread throughout 7 regions: West, Midwest, South, Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes, Northeast, and Europe. Each region competes amongst itself in the quarterfinals. After all the regions compete there are semi-finals and finals. Semi-finals are between the three closest regions; the first place winners go on to finals. The second place winners still have a chance to compete in the ICCA’s wild card. The wild card is a 1-minute video of your group singing any song.

The judges look for a good song selection, good soloists and adherence to the 12-minute time. The judges look to see if you have a ballad, a slow song or something that brightens the mood. Some acapella groups will time themselves when they are rehearsing so they know if they need to cut out some lines or add things to it. Some groups may even ask the announcer to ask the audience not to clap so they don’t go over.

It’s true, there is no “aca-dating” allowed! Michel, the music director of All Night Yahtzee, doesn’t allow it. Everyone still breaks the rules, like Becca and Jessie, Andie and Christian (All Night Yahtzee) who are still sneaking around dating.

At FSU they have two major acapella groups, All Night Yahtzee and AcaBelles. They hold auditions for both groups around the same time. After both groups made their decisions on which they want, they have a meeting announcing who they want. It is very likely for both groups to want the same people. They have the auditioners secretly write what group they would rather be in so it will reduce the amount of fighting over singers. Most of the time the auditioner gets his or her way, but not all the time.

Every group is looking for a different style. Some may look for a sassy look while others may look for elegant and simple. They want good singers with good looks, not someone who can sing but always has a worried look or sour faces they look for people who can sing, have good looks, and can put up with living with them. You can choose to live in a house with your group; you don’t have to but it’s recommended.

To find out more about Sing It On go to poptv.com/sing_it_on (also on Netflix)