Top Holiday Presents for 2015!

Jan. 7, 2015

As the holidays are approaching quickly, many people are stuck on what to get their family and friends for Hanukkah and/or Christmas. If you are one of these people, you may want to consider the following best selling products of 2015, for every different age group and gender.

The Minion Mansion is a very popular toy among boys and girls of the younger age category. It is recommended for kids five and older. It costs around $75. The minions even come with interchangeable parts.                     

Another hit game for kids this year is the Pie Face Game. During this game, a player puts whipped cream on the “hand” of the game unit, and turns the handle until they get hit with the whipped cream! Each player scores a point for every time they turn the handle without getting “pie-faced”, and the first player to get 25 points wins. This game is also recommended for children five years and older, and requires two or more players. Because this game is so popular and is sold out in most stores, it is going for around $30.              

The Girl Scout’s Cookies Deluxe oven is a real working Girl Scout’s cookie oven, and includes thin mint cookies. It is made for kids eight years and older, and costs around $50.

The Hoverboard 360 is an extremely popular holiday gift, and is perfect for anyone who wants an exciting, fun present. The Hoverboard is a self-balancing, motorized, two wheeled scooter. This is one of the more expensive gifts, and can cost anywhere between 200-400 dollars. 

A simpler present, perfect for a secret Santa, grab bag, coworker, or family member, is a fruit infuser water bottle. Fruit infuser water bottles are the most pinned item of 2015, and only cost 10-25 dollars.